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At Merkava Technologies we have a great team of specialists. A publisher of a compendium of VR capability in Australia advised us that we have the most profound programming capacity here. 

What that means for you is that there is no need to search - just come to us. If we can't fix your problem it probably can't be fixed yet.


Our Current Projects

What are we doing right now?

  • We built an autonomous car simulator for use in October 2016 for people who were unable or unprepared to travel around Albert Park Lake in a real driverless vehicle. We are taking this further for Bosch, RACV, TAC and Vic Roads as a Joint Venture. We set up a mobile two-unit simulation in a trailer and it gets driven widely to educate people on driverless cars and how ABS and other control systems work to their advantage.
  • We have built an amazing VR facility for Monash Centre for Human Anatomy Education. While this is not quite ready to be released to the World, in July Monash was told by the Mayo Clinic that we are three years in front of them and while we have been developing this just in the past year or so, they have been at it for 8 years with many other partners
  • We have done a lot of serious work on the benefits of carefully selected VR for the improvement of life for the disabled/disadvantaged/demented and have a major scientific study in the offing in conjunction with several universities, a psychologist who uses VR to help with phobia management, a psychiatrist and a gerontologist.
  • We built a house from a blueprint for a very big property developer and one can walk through it, bend down and look into the burning fire, walk out to the shimmering pool….Imagine the possibilities for selling apartments to very busy people or remotely located people!!! We are currently working with a Hong Kong based specialist programmer to expand this and we have set up an installation in Hong Kong designed for educating schools in VR.
  • Working with one of Australia’s leading education consultants, Jacqui Douglas, and in conjunction with Harvey Norman to develop a school education program which they want to run through their entire retail network to expose teachers and primary students to learn about VR and to learn about coding. Awesome! The Future is coming to your area.
  • We are nearly ready to start a comprehensive education program for school teachers to enable them to develop best-practice uses of VR as classroom education aids.
  • We are also closing in on a seminar series for Lifestyle Coordinators in care facilities to help them use VR to improve the lifestyle of the most disadvantaged residents. Coming very soon


Q:What is VR?

A:VR, more properly ” Virtual Reality” is a sophisticated means of safely taking people into a very “real-feeling” simulated environment.

Q:Why would you want to take people into a simulated environment?

A:We could spend a day answering this with examples but here is just one. Our Psychologist, Les Posen, specialises in phobia mitigation and within that further specialises in “curing” fear of flying. During a seminar for Psychologists, a participant asked Les “Why use VR instead of real flights?” Les replied “I can take a sufferer on maybe two domestic flights a day; I can take them on simulated flights perhaps 8 times in an hour. Why would I not use VR? Which is better for the patient?

A:Wasn’t VR built for gaming?

Q:Yes it was. Merkava Technologies made a conscious decision to use it instead for the betterment of humankind. Yes, we all play and enjoy VR games but that is our fun time. We totally love making real improvements in people’s lives using VR.

Q:How is it useful to “take people to another place”?

A:Where do we start? Suppose a person was born in Palermo and migrated here in her teens. She is now in a nursing home. She can’t physically travel but we can arrange to walk her through Palermo. The potential benefits to her well-being are immense.

Another aspect is safety and training. Suppose a person has been recruited to work in a hazardous environment. Do you throw them in the deep end? History show that to be enormously expensive; people die! By contrast, you take them through a simulated environment and by checking their vital signs you see how they are coping. Which is better?


Q: Is VR expensive?

A.On the contrary! Generally, compared to actual exposure versus VR exposure it is extremely cost effective. Imagine recruiting a mine-worker for Olympic Dam from Adelaide. Do you test their ability to cope by flying them up or running them through a VR exposure? Which would you do as manager?

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